Of all the stars that light the sky

Of all the stars that light the sky, There’s only one that catches my eye, And when I see it shining bright, It reminds me of your love at night. The warmth of your embrace, The sweetness of your kiss, The way your eyes light up a room, And the way your laughter brings such […]


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When I Am Dreaming

When I am dreaming…I become a cloud in the sky I go places where planes cannot fly.I become a mermaid in the ocean The seven seas become my love potion.I become a butterfly in the garden Blossoms sight me and are heartened.I become an eagle that glides the aether The realm of azure I conquer […]

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In the garden of my heart

In the garden of my heart, Where love’s sweetest blooms start, There lies a world of wonder, With flowers and butterflies asunder. With colors bright and bold, And scents that can’t be told, The beauty of this place, Is mirrored in your face. For every bloom that grows, And every breeze that blows, It’s your […]

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My love, a rose in bloom, A melody that fills my heart, With every breath I take, I am captured by your art. Your eyes, a deep and endless sea, Your smile, a warm and gentle breeze, Your touch, a spark that lights my soul, Your love, a flame that never ceases to grow. With […]

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Are u my muse Or my savior You come to me whenever i need you to U hold me tight, and wipe my tears and make me smile All the time Every single time Are you God or my child Are you my husband or my lover Are you my own strength reflected back to […]

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Happy holi

Wishing everyone around the globe, near and dear, friends, acquaintances, strangers and all, a very happy and colourful Holi. May this festival of colours fill your life with joy, happiness, and blessings. Lots of love, Sonal

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I write you in my soul, Kiss you in my eyes, And thank God for giving me you . I have never felt love like this . The tender and everlasting slowness With which you make love to me, You touch my soul and make me weep. The union of spirit, the bond so formed, […]

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Dance in the dark

My dear darling, Dancing with you In my room In the dark With only the soft glow of the street light, In my red and black dress, With the biggest smile in my eyes, And laughter and giggles from my lips, Holding your strong arms, And swirling, spinning, skipping, With both of us singing, or […]

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In you, my love, I’ve found a world Where dreams and joys and passions swirl, A place where life is sweet and true, And every day is born anew. With you, I’ve learned to laugh and play, To dance beneath the stars’ bright sway, And share the deepest parts of me In ways I never […]

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It’s in the way

It’s in the way you make me smile,With just a single glance.It’s in the way you calm my mind,And fill me up with romance. It’s in the way you touch my heart,And make me feel so alive.It’s in the way we’re never apart,And how our love thrives. It’s in the way your eyes meet mine,And […]

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